Writing and other progress...

With fellowship season here, I have had to stop work on editing of the Future Doo-Wop novel. Just a bit too far behind on writing that is more mission critical.  That will be on pause until I feel a bit more caught up. I am posting a new spec for Man Seeking Woman. I am currently revising a feature script that I will post soon and writing a pilot. 

I am not too psyched about the Man Seeking Woman spec. It is a show that on its face is tonally loose and carefree so I felt fairly empowered to write in its world. Having done it though I came to realize that for a program with a moving target it feels hard to tell if I hit the bullseye. I can safely say I didn't. My favorite episodes of MSW have very distinct acts, with a unique hook to each of them . They don't all do this but, my favorite ones do. I attempted to do this in outlining, but the dense plotting I did made the whole thing overlong so I felt compelled to stay riffing on a play on noir that I was going for. But I am happy that I took a romantic comedy trope theme/idea and explored it from an obtuse and heightened angle like the show often does. There are other moments.

Happy to have written it though and on to the next thing. Things are chugging along!