I'm a compulsive creator, driven by guilt and anxiety when not active in the process of making something. 

I currently produce and wear several hats for the QUALITY SKETCH TV show. Prior to this, I created several other community access TV shows and specials.

I work professionally in community access, an arena I am very proud to be a part of. Sharing knowledge,  collaborating and celebrating our unique voices is a huge part of the access world.

The only valve stopping my creativity is time and money, two things I usually don't have!

HERE KITTY BAD KITTY is the short movie I wrote and directed. I had an awesome cast and crew that was generous with their time, talents and gear. This movie showcases what I can do with a small budget (about $500) and collaborators to work with. I aim to build on this experience and produce larger and better narrative projects in the future. 

The conditions that are TV and FIlm making are somewhat like alchemy, so I find myself primarily writing most of the time in order to capture my ideas. 

Most of my writing (features, TV specs, sketches, and shorts) can be found on this site. I am working towards landing myself in a television writers' room, a place which my experience, interest and professional strengths leads me to. 

To demonstrate what I feel are my strengths as a writer - speed, ideas and joke writing - I recently completed a stunt where I wrote the worlds first spec script for "the muppets" in under seven hours after having just watched the pilot. 

Feel free to contact me with comments, feedback or inquiries: