An un-Civil War

I try to keep my politics of my site...not this time. 
A wave of secessionist wannabes is starting, and I will do my best to stop it.

Yes, California is leading the call for #CalExit. 
They are flying the Califronia state flag in support of their efforts
In copy/paste form (from my facebook regurgitations), here come my feelings about California secessions, "Yes, California" and all the people behind it...


Here is Louis J. Marinelli, the front "leader" of your secessionist movement Yes, California. 
This man, who wants to lead an independent nation-state of California, was born and raised in New York but spent a few years in Russia too. He has been a California "native" since 2011. 
His political activism includes working in the John Edwards presidential campaign, running the "Protect Marriage: One Man, One Woman" and becoming a strategist for the "National Organization for Marriage". 
As a kick off to the coming Civil War, I would love to meet the first President of the California Republic in the alley of his choosing.


Shervin Pishevar looks to be the largest, angel investor in Yes, California , the leading driver of secessionist #CalExit calls. If you love what Uber has done for union cab jobs and what AirBnB has done for housing and rent, good news(!) he leads Sherpa Capitol, the Venture Capitalist firm that funds those companies. 
Born in Iran he is now proud to be a California "native". 
His political activism involves hosting a 2016 fundraising event for Hillary Clinton that raised 15 million and investing in Kony 2012!

Maybe he'll have a role in the Treasury department of the new Republic of California!

Does the average Californian know that our state flag is a racist symbol? 
It comes from the Bear Flagger's, white Americans that were "illegal immigrants" to California when it was still Mexico. They were violent, racist extremists that murdered Native's (about 200,000). Then they were encouraged to and gleefully started to murder Mexicans and Californios. 
The California flag was their flag.
Now a pack of bitter, tech capitalists that have lost a contest for the first time in their lives want to secede. They'd fly the flag of the new California Republic with no sense of irony or understanding of history. 
Telling, like I said months ago, this election is very much like the election of 1860. And here sore losers want to start a civil war. I won't march for Trump and I won't march for a Silicon Valley tyrant.

If Silicon Valley starts a Civil War I will stand against it. They will lose, just like they lost the last one (and yes I see bitter secessionists as successors of their Dixie Democrats). 
I could possibly be in support of the state joining Mexico.

Every citizen of the world is affected by US foreign policy. Seceding would hurt our ability as individuals to change evil US policy. As a state I don't see us as great carriers of virtue either, we were the state of Reagan after all! We usually vote center right, evidenced that we couldn't even abolish the death penalty. 
It feels good for a small margin of liberals to declare themselves the good guys and hold themselves in higher regard than the rest of this country. An independent California would just be another (potentially militaristic) neoliberal, globalization, capitalist disaster with new Silicon Valley oligarchs. 
I would be open to considering joining Mexico because we have a lot of cultural similarities and our economy could potentially work as a stabilizing factor and lead to more humanitarian, fair relations with D.C.

You will proudly turn a thumb to the rest of this country and call them xenophobes and racist. Then you talk of fleeing to Canada, or starting a new country, possibly joining with Oregon and Washington. How is this not racist and xenophobic? You fantasize about a great white flight, potentially to the great white north. Then leave this country to a tyrant, a series of tyrants to follow him? Shut up and fight. You aren't going to secede. Anyone who tries to secede, especially under a racist flag, especially if they are goosestepping behind a Silicon Valley wannabe despot, I will fight with everything in my power.

This plot, led by a pack of cowardly Silicon Valley Vulture Capitalists that hide themselves from their own websites, should be roundly mocked. The proponents putting money behind it should be found out, called out and shamed for the racist, crybaby sore losers they are.

In my mind we can start a conversation about joining Mexico. With shared history and historical precedent for this land being Mexico, it makes sense. We have a lot of common culture and economic interests that would tie well into each other. Doing so could normalize DC and Mexico relations and stabilize some of the chaotic political sectors of Mexico.

Beyond that, I am a politically tolerant person with room to discuss many points of view. However, my tolerance ends with this ridiculous scheme for secession. I will call it stupid wherever I see it pop up.