Boat trailer loses wheel


During my morning commute I saw a boat trailer lose one of its tires on the 134 near Pasadena. The tire skipped across three lanes of traffic then hopped the medium across the other side, bouncing against oncoming traffic. I fully expected a head on collision, but like a Frogger champion the tire skirted danger and rolled all the way to the other side, avoiding about seven or eight lanes of  traffic. 

I was so amazed with the tire that I found the truck and tow, now being dragged on its axle and shooting sparks, barely interesting. As I passed I managed to get a quick cell shot. 

Hepburn gets it right in 1963

Production moving out of California, the intangible nature of good scripts and material, the shifting tide of audience mores and desires... Audrey Hepburn got these answers right back in 1963. Journalists and others are still fixated on these issues - see the recent Tarantino interview where Lane Brown expects him to comment on industry trends.

Numb minds seem to expect artists to be some form of Tasseographer, but like Hepburn says, creators are compelled to follow their instincts.  To make something from nothing is a drive that exists outside of rational predictions and shrewd calculations.  Memorable creators, like Hepburn and Tarantino, driven by instinctive, emotional imperatives will always lead those that chase certainty.

Vulture interview with Quentin Tarantino


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