I think every writer or creative person has toyed with the idea of writing reviews/ being a reviewer. I don't say critique, because I see some academic and cultural merit to that, while I increasingly see Reviewers as  sad, filthy piss-heads. It struck me that, as I have tried my hand and more things and create more of my own unique things, I lose any interest in judging others work. There is exceptions, it can be fun to have an outburst against something I perceive as hack and I have written reviews myself in the way way past. But the more you understand the rarity of an idea and the difficulty in executing it, once you see others misunderstanding of your own expression and know that you will be guilty of this fault towards others, it all becomes very so what and why.  I guess this is a rant or review on Reviewers.

I plan to expand later: to talk about why I don't write screenplay coverage professionally anymore, why I am an anti-perfectionist and other related topics.