beating NaNoWriMo

I passed the 50k mark yesterday and "won" NaNoWRiMo. It was easier than I thought I would and I ended up with something I think could be worthwhile with heavy revision. I kept pushing beyond the 50K and will try to finish out the rough draft before the end of November 

Halloween check in

Halloween passed and I didn't get to mark the holiday as much as I would have liked, meaning I had no opportunity to get drunk and hyphy.  I was pretty happy with my costume,  Ernest P. Worrell, as I've been on an Ernest kick, re-watching all his stuff and listening to the excellent podcast, Ernest Goes To Podcast. 

I mostly just got chance to wear this for some work functions, so I'll likely re-use it next year. That said, work was pretty fun/hectic this week. We put on a big Halloween show that I got to put on a lot of fun and creative hats for. I am pretty proud of the kiddie song, BOO I co-wrote with Danny Hesse for the occasion, you can hear it at about the hour fifty mark.

First (last?) NaNoWriMo

Maybe I'm a psychological self-flagellant but I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. I have never written a novel before but  have played with the idea of adapting a TV pilot of mine. Seems like a good time and low stakes scenario to indulge this itch. 
I also need to complete the first draft of my new feature script in November so I'll be a crazed person by December. 


Just posted up two sketch scripts, one is new, the other older. 

WD-E-40 is a commercial parody - what if E-40 was selling spray lubricant?

THE GENTRIFICATION OF PLYMOUTH was one I was hoping to actually produce. It was important to me that I could find a Native American performer to be a part of it and help rewrite it. I didn't, so the sketch won't happen this year.

Crowdfunding form letter respose

One thing I loathe is receiving requests to support a crowdfunded campaign from someone who has never indicated to me that they have taken the time to check out any of the things I have made. 

There have been instances where I have supported the crowdfunded campaign of others and gotten zero acknowledgement or thanks. 

I have never personally created or marketed such a campaign. I am actually not opposed to doing so and may try it in the future. But I plan to have some ettiquette to the way I go about it, and actually support those that support me.

Here's a form letter I created to respond to the worst offenders.


Added short - PISSER

Just added a short script, PISSER to the site here. There may still be a few drafts left, but I'm wanting to get this out there. This is based off the very first feature script I wrote more then ten years ago. I lost that script in a computer crash, I think it also exists in an old AOL e-mail that I have no idea how to find. I was so upset over losing not just that script but a huge chunk of creative output when the computer died, that I was very much stunted creatively for some time. 

The premise of that script has stuck with me for a long time and I have played with the idea of re-writing it. This short came about because I realized the conceit of idea would work well on a smaller scale. Also, it solves the issue I always had with the clumsy third act of the feature. 

I am hoping to actually produce this. If I can rally a few other folks who are excited about the premise, I would love to make this my next project. I think the outrageous concept, if executed with realism, is something people would want to see.

About site

You may have visited my old site, which I have binned and am starting anew here. I found wrestling with the html and hosting of my old site too cumbersome, causing me to rarely keep it updated. Hopefully, I will be more active here.

This post itself is a test to see if the blog thingy gets up and running.